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Water Work Lab

When your product development requires understanding how different fluids might interact with the physical components of your innovative product design, you need access to the mHUB Water Work Lab

mHUB Water Works Prototyping Lab-edit

Water Work Overview

For the product development or R&D process that involves component design with water and/or fluid testing, mHUB provides a water work lab. Equipped with the necessities to test and develop unique HardTech, the mHUB water work lab can support your hot/cold wet work needs.

Desktop Autoclave

Tuttnauer 2540m
10 x 19" chamber

Lab Sink

Stainless Steel
Basin: 16"x19"
Counter: 36"x128"

Refrigerator and Freezer

{Water Work Lab} General Information

Water Work Lab
Welcome to Waterworld, lets get you some flippers

Looking to Access Prototyping Equipment?

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