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Textiles Lab

Work with a range of fabrics, leathers, and paperboards to create textile based products or branding elements

Textiles Lab Overview

Stocked with sewing, stitching and embroidery machines, the textiles lab also includes professional serger equipment and bandsaw blades for foams and thick leathers. Members have created custom stickers, masks, fabrics, embroidered materials, and with a UV printer that can print on any material, custom logos and designs have been printed on a range of products fabricated in the mHUB facility.

[Textiles Lab] General Information

Textiles Lab
Work fabric, leather, and paperboards.

Juki Sewing Machine

Juki TL-2200QVP Mini
Straight Stitch

Paper Trimmer

Paper Trimmer
18" Max Cut


Bernina 700D
Professional Knife Drive from Above
Variable Speed Flat/Gathered Seams

Singer Sewing Machine

Singer E99670
Straight Stitch
Automatic Buttonhole

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