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Finishing Lab

Don’t leave your prototype unfinished. Grind, blast, and coat your way to a finished product that presents well.

Finishing Lab Overview

Spray painting and powder coating booths are among resources in the mHUB finishing lab, in addition to a blasting cabinet and polishing tumbler that can smooth the rough edges of your newly machined or 3D printed component. Solvent cleaning and surface finishing of manufactured parts can be done without intensive labor in the mHUB finishing lab.

[Finishing Lab] General Information

Finishing Lab
Clean, surface, and coat work.

Blasting Cabinet

Aluminum Oxide
Fast material removal


36"x36"x60" work area
500f max
roll in cart

Polishing Tumbler

18lb limit
10" length limit
For deburring, polishing and finishing

Powder Coating Station

Dual Voltage
Extra jars available

Solvent Wash Station

Solvent Based
Clean grease, oil and other contaminants from parts
7.5"x 27.5" x 16.25"

Spray Booth

For spray paints & Adhesives
HEPA Filters
48"x36"x24" Work Area

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