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Lab Benches & Assembly

Cast plastic parts, work with small metals, assemble, and even ship products. Lab and assembly benches are at the heart of mHUB’s prototyping facility.

Assembly Area Overview

Resin casting benches, with available vacuum & pressure chambers and drying racks, are a great place to cast your plastic parts. Small metals benches are available for heating up small parts. Propane torches, steel ladles, refractory bricks, and PPE are also accessible in the small metals lab benches. For packaging and shipping products, shipping stations containing scales and pulse sealers can be reserved by members within the mHUB facility.

Resin Casting Bench

Casting Bench
A place to cast your plastic parts
Vacuum Chamber, Pressure Chamber, Drying Racks

Shipping Station

Shipping Station
A place to package and ship your products
Computer, scale, pulse sealer
Consumables member responbility

Small Metals Bench

Small Metal Casting Bench
Heating up your small parts
Propane Torch, Steel Ladle, Refractory Bricks, PPE

Tour the Prototyping Lab

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