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Hot Metals Lab

Perform welding, grinding, plasma cutting, and torch work or hire fabrication support to work faster.


Hot Metals Lab Overview

The mHUB hot metals lab is outfitted with MIG, TIG, and spot welders for high quality welds on various metal parts, in addition to handheld plasma cutters, band saws, and sanders. Training is required for member use of the hot metals lab, and for entrepreneurs looking to shorten the prototyping process or more quickly manufacture their products, opportunities exist to hire fabrication specialists.

20" Disc Sander

3HP Motor
20" Disc

[Hot Metals] General Information

Hot Metals Lab
Welding, grinding, plasma cutting, and torch work.

Cold Saw

4HP Motor
Blade: 12"
Max. Material Thickness: 3"

Handheld Plasma Cutter

Max. Material Thickness: 3/8" Mild Steel

Horizontal Bandsaw

Variable Speed
Max. stock capacity: 5"
Used for cutting thin walled & hollow stock

Kingpin 88 Evenheat Metal Clay Kiln

2000F Deg

Magnetic Base Drill

300/450 rpm
2 Speed
Drill Point Pressure 1/2" Steel: 741lbs
Max. Drill Depth: 4 3/8"

MIG Welder

220v. Power
0.35 Wire Spool
Max. Material Thickness: 3/8"

Pedestal Grinder

8" Wheel Diameter
Coarse Wheel
Fine Wheel

Spot Welder

Quickly join sheet metal parts

TIG Welder

Make high quality welds on various metal parts

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