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Prototyping Lab for Product Development

Home to 11 labs for product development and low-volume production runs, the mHUB rapid prototyping lab in Chicago, Illinois is the stuff of product developer's dreams.

03-explore-labs-mHUB member using 3D printer

Prototyping Lab with over $6M of equipment and resources

The mHUB prototyping facility in Chicago can be accessed through membership or participation in an mHUB accelerator program. The mHUB shop allows members to rapidly prototype their HardTech, hardware, and product innovations.

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two women work by the laser cutters at the mHUB Innovation Center

mHUB Prototyping Lab at a Glance

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment for electronics, 3D printing, metal working and woodworking, the mHUB prototyping facility features:

  • One-on-one training and technical assistance from onsite staff
  • Access to design and development software such as Fusion360, Autodesk, Solidworks, CAD, and other engineering / product development software packages
  • The option to hire experts for fabrication & 3D printing services
  • Shipping station with access to an enclosed dock for large shipments

Explore the mHUB prototyping labs below. Better yet. Come see for yourself! Book a tour to see the prototyping lab in person.

Looking to Access Prototyping Equipment?

Learn more about mHUB membership options by visiting the startups & entrepreneurs page. Or submit an application to get the conversation started.