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Initiatives and Collaboration

mHUB is on a mission to revolutionize HardTech and manufacturing innovation in America

08-initiatives-mHUB guests speaking at demo day event in innovation center

Strength in Numbers

mHUB is involved in several initiatives to connect stakeholders across industries and communities. While accelerating economic growth through HardTech and manufacturing innovation, mHUB looks to build pathways and access to historically underrepresented populations for equitable development. Here are some important initiatives mHUB is part of to push the needle on both economic development and equitable access.


Catalyze Initiative

The Catalyze Initiative is 5-year effort to drive equitable access to manufacturing entrepreneurship for marginalized founders including women, Black founders, and Latino founders. Designed to tackle systemic barriers with multi-pronged solutions, the Catalyze Initiatives includes four programs that tie non-dilutive funding and hands-on support, all in partnership with place-based partners. Programs include the granted community partners program, the mPOWER program for startup founders, the Landis Family Foundation Hardtech Fellowship, and the Innovation Scholarship Fund. 


Chicago Proactive Response COVID-19

As net job creators, the CPR COVID-19 initiative is growing the number of startups currently supported by mHUB, MATTER and 1871. Launched in March 2020, the Chicago Proactive Response (CPR) collaboration is supporting startups and small businesses as they build a road to economic recovery through wealth and job creation.


Heartland Climate Tech Partnership

The Heartland Climate Tech Partnership (HCTP) will address the urgent need for energy innovation while creating manufacturing jobs to drive the Midwest region’s economic recovery and includes Evergreen Climate Innovations, Centrepolis Accelerator at Lawrence Technological University, mHUB, and Spark Innovation Center. Two DOE Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs, Chain Reaction Innovations based at Argonne National Laboratory and Innovation Crossroads based at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, serve as project affiliates, along with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Clean Tech Economy Coalition

The 2025 Clean Tech Economy Coalition (CTEC) an alliance of organizations committed to supporting a clean energy economy in Illinois and is competing for Phase 2 funding of the EDA’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge. It includes 17 organizations rallied around six major initiatives related to manufacturing and supply chain, workforce development, applied research, entrepreneurship and commercialization, and infrastructure in Illinois.

Looking to access resources or partner on an initiative?

If you have a need or goal that aligns with an existing program or are interested in discussing a new opportunity, connect with mHUB through its Community Partners program to get started.