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Cold Metals Lab

Turn metal stock into chips with access to saws, mills, lathes, benders, presses, and more.

Cold Metals Lab Overview

In-house technical staff can provide support for iterative prototyping, technical training sessions, or small volume production runs. mHUB creates a welcoming space to prototype and iterate quickly with various 3D printing technologies ideal for cost-effective, low-volume production.

[Cold Metals] General Information

Cold Metals:
Where we turn stock into chips

Drill Bit Sharpener

3/32" to 3/4" bits
115 to 140 degrees
split tip grind guide

Drill Press

Table Swing 20"
1 HP
9 speed settings 150-2200 RPM
25.5" Draw
5" spindle travel
13" x 15" table

Enco Knee Mill

42" x 9" bed
XYZ Digital Read Out

Finger Brake

Quickly bend straight sheet metal forms

Horizontal Band Saw

No material less then 1/2" thick
No Wood
10" height max 18" wide
4 setting 80-330 SFM

Horizontal Press

Max. Material Thickness: 1/2" Harden Steel
Max. Material Width: 6"

Hydraulic Iron Worker

Min. Punch Daimeter: 3/16"
Max. Punch Diameter: 1" 1/16"
Angle Iron Sheer
Max. Flat Sheer Material Thickness: 1/2"

Hydraulic Shear

Max. Width: 48"
Max. Thickness 12 Gauge

Hydraulic Shop Press

40ton Pressure
36" Brake
Max. Thickness: 1/2"

Hydraulic Tube Bender

10 ton Bending Pressure
Interchangeable Dies

Tapping Arm

Tap from #4- 1/2"
40" swing
Reaming & Deburring

Vertical Band Saw

.25" or less stock
20” x 20” Bed Size
Tilt deg: 8 F & B, 12 L & 15 R
82-330 SFM

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