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mHUB 2023  Investor Report

Uncovering High Points Within the Venture Capital Downturn

It’s no longer disruption itself that has captured the attention of industries and geopolitics; rather, it’s the collective reaction to disruption that the world is currently wading through.

The past few years have shocked and strained outdated infrastructure across the board and have uncovered broad technological vulnerabilities. Globally, recovery efforts, supply chain disruptions, and broad monetary expansion have led to skyrocketing inflation, and in the US the Fed has combated this with rising interest rates, creating new economic conditions and valuations. But the outcomes of these conditions, as it relates to investor activity, are not all negative.

mHUB's 2023 Investor Report will focus on opportunities for growth rather than threats for contraction, highlighting transformations currently underway in energy, human health, sustainable manufacturing, and quantum computing.

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