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Testing Lab

Create controlled test environments to conduct R&D and simulate real-world and shelf-life testing.

Testing Lab Overview

Whether measuring tensile or compression forces, precise heights & weights, or specific electronic component testing, mHUB has the right resources in the testing lab. Member favorites include the CT Scanner for reverse engineering to scan analyze complex parts. Additional tools in the testing lab enable you to evaluate material properties, calibrate flow & temperature, analyze cellular and WIFI networks, and cycle test products.

3D Laser Scanner

Scan 8" dia. x 12" height

[Testing Lab] General Information

Testing Lab
Let's get testing!

Force Gauge 200lb

Measure Tensile or compression forces up 200lbs

Force Gauge 20lbs

Measures Tensile or Compression Forces up to 20lbs

Granite Surface Height Gauge

Precisely measure object height up to 16in

NSI CT Scanner

X-Ray CT Scanner
Scan and analyze complex parts


Measures Alternating Wave Forms Across 3 channels

Precision Microgram Scale

Precision weight measurement
Up to 100g by 0.001g

Process Calibrator

Calibrate instrumentation for a process
Measure voltage and resistance to calibrate to flow, temperature, etc

Radio Frequency Isolation Chamber

Create controlled test environments

Spectrum Analyzer

Analyze cellular or wifi networks

Stereo Microscope

Examine small components
Magnification 7x to 50x

Temp and Humidity Test Chamber

-65°C to 190°C
10%-95% humidity
17" cubic interior
programable and networked

Universal Testing Machine

Cycle test products or analyze material properties
Max load 200lbs

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