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Startup Help for Innovators Developing Physical Products

Calling all Innovators! 

mHUB has exciting news for you. With its recent move to 1623 W. Fulton Street, the co-working membership price has dropped from $350 to an even more accessible $300. This move reflects mHUB's commitment to expanding resources and fostering innovation among startups and entrepreneurs. 

So, what's in it for you with a co-working membership at mHUB? Let's dive into the offerings at mHUB's innovation center tailored for hardtech and manufacturing-based startups. 

A Premier Chicago Address in an Investor-Attractive Opportunity Zone 

Situated in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor, 1623 W. Fulton is in one of 26 Planned Manufacturing Districts in Chicago. It strategically bridges industry in the west with the thriving Fulton Market tech sector in the east. As a leader in hardtech innovation, mHUB now stands at the intersection of physical product creation and digital technology. Startups at mHUB may even qualify as Opportunity Zone businesses, opening doors to venture capital through Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOZF). 

Operating within an Opportunity Zone goes beyond just funding—it's an opportunity to engage with local stakeholders, contribute to community development, and create a positive impact on the path to commercialization.  

Learn more about leveraging Opportunity Zones at mHUB. 

State-of-the-Art Prototyping Labs 

mHUB's prototyping lab is a haven for innovation, equipped with $6M worth of cutting-edge equipment and resources. Members can rapidly prototype their hardtech, hardware, and physical product innovations. The facility offers one-on-one training, access to design and development software, expert fabrication and 3D printing services, and a shipping station with an enclosed dock for large deliveries. In the new facility, mHUB's prototyping labs have expanded by 50%, featuring enhanced wet labs and new equipment. 

Explore the full equipment list or book a tour to experience mHUB's prototyping labs firsthand. 

New Spacious Conference and Meeting Rooms

One of the perks of mHUB membership is the ability to book conference and meeting rooms. The new facility has nearly tripled the number of conference rooms, making it even more convenient for members to organize private meetings and calls. Through mHUB's member portal, booking designated conference rooms is a breeze. 

A Growing Expert in Residence Team 

Developing innovative physical products comes with unique challenges. That's why mHUB has assembled an Expert in Residence team to guide founders through every stage of their journey. Members gain access to a mentor network and experts in engineering, entrepreneurship, product development, supply chain, venture capital, and more. This task force connects experienced mentors with startups, providing invaluable support to startups on the road to commercialization. 

Meet mHUB's Experts in Residence (EIRs). 

Connections to Talented Teams of Engineers

mHUB's HardTech Development services connect manufacturing teams to a pool of over 500 highly skilled engineers, designers, and developers for research and product development. Your startup can not only tap into this extensive network but also earn income by contracting for mHUB HardTech Development Services if your skills align with mechanical, electrical, industrial systems engineering, software/firmware development, UX/UI design, project management, or embedded systems. 

Learn more about mHUB HardTech Development Services. 

An Extensive Range of Educational Resources

mHUB supports founders at every stage of development with detailed courses, tailored roadmaps, and a brand-new on-demand learning platform. Whether you're navigating questions around product market fit, design, development, launch, fundraising, or scaling, mHUB provides the fundamentals to turn your hardware product into a sustainable business. 

Learn more about mHUB’s Startup Roadmap

Enhanced Visibility Through Networking Opportunities

The mHUB community is itself an invaluable resource to hardtech startups and entrepreneurs. As a member, you join a vibrant ecosystem of thousands of startup founders, product developers, mentors, investors, and more. mHUB organizes networking, industry, and community events throughout the year, enhancing your visibility and creating opportunities for collaboration. 

Other Available Membership Options at mHUB

In addition to mHUB’s co-working membership, startups companies have the option to rent a reserved desk, a dedicated small, medium, or large office, or an industry studio through a corporate/industry partnership at mHUB. Members in these tiers have access to the same perks as a co-working membership, plus added benefits starting with a designated, private space.  

No matter where you are in your startup journey, mHUB is ready to meet you there with the resources and support necessary for your hardtech business to thrive.

Discover how you can become a member at mHUB today, or email membership@mHUBchicago.com to inquire about general membership and reserved desk/private office rates.