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Harness the Massive Horsepower of Entrepreneurs to Fuel Your R&D

mHUB HardTech Development services connects corporate and manufacturing teams with a rich talent pool of over 500+ highly skilled engineers, designers, and developers for research and product development.

R&D support at any stage of product development

mHUB can jump in at any point of the product development process from generating concepts, concept-to-prototype, prototype-to-production, and everything in between.

If you are a corporate or manufacturing product innovation team looking for support in product research & development, start a conversation.

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mHUB product development team working around chip maker-edit

Access to deep research & product development expertise

HardTech Development teams are curated to include the right expertise best suited to the demands of each unique project. Teams utilize a collaborative, iterative, agile, and forward-thinking approach to rapid prototyping, product development, and process improvement.

Expertise ranges from facilitated executive workshops and webinars to consumer electronics, IoT, industrial equipment, automation, and more.

mHUB HardTech Development Clients 

What clients are saying

"The value in working with mHUB is bringing in outside thinkers. Having someone come in with an outside perspective is unbelievably valuable. They challenge our thinking and approach the issue with different perspectives. They have people from so many different disciplines that can quickly add value.”

Jennifer Micek headshot-edit

Jennifer Micek

VP of Growth & Innovation

Marmon Retail Solutions

“mHUB developed a proof of concept that successfully demonstrated the process and product. I don’t know anyone else doing what mHUB does and we would definitely work with mHUB again.”

Steve Walder Headshot-edit

Steven Walder

Engineering Manager



"mHUB pulled together a fantastic team of people across relevant disciplines and it was one of the first times I felt we had ALL the right people around the table."



Product Management

EMS Client


Explore a deeper industry partnership beyond a solo R&D project

If you’re looking to extend beyond one-off research projects and fully integrate into the mHUB ecosystem through an ongoing, outcome driven partnership, visit the Corporate Partnership page.