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Meet mHUB's Growing Team

We've grown our staff to ensure a smooth launch as Chicago's first innovation center for manufacturing and physical product development. We're pleased to introduce you to some of the new team members who play key roles in developing our 12,000 square foot prototyping shop and supporting our vibrant member community. You can see our full team on our website. 


Meet mHUB's new Team Members

Cynthia Macias

Cynthia Macias

Cynthia Macias, membership manager, landed in Chicago from DC by way of California, where she was born, and Mexico, where she spent her childhood. A trilingual (English, Spanish, French) world-traveler, she's happy to be in a diverse urban environment.

Cynthia has a history of community building and economic development. She's a longtime volunteer with Startup Weekend and, in fact, will help bring a maker-focused Startup Weekend to mHUB this spring. She has a passion for connecting entrepreneurs with resources to grow their businesses.

"mHUB is part of a new wave of tech innovation, and I'm excited to be a part of it. Developing hardware or tangible products and forging a path to market is complex. I look forward to making the process more efficient for our members. I know they have many challenges to meet, and I'm here to support them," she said.

Cynthia understands the many hats that entrepreneurs wear and their needs. Since joining mHUB, she's formalized many aspects of our member community and looks forward to growing our supportive member community.

John Weline

John Welin

John Welin, shop manager, supports members in our prototyping space. mHUB's expansive capabilities include electronics, CNC machining, metal fabrication, testing and more. In addition to keeping our equipment up and running, John notes that "Every week we're adding equipment and capabilities. It's an exciting process that will continue well beyond our grand opening in March."  

John also manages the shop's health and safety plans. That is, he creates training procedures to make sure members learn the ins and outs of using machines, such as our many 3D printers, the ShopBot and to our vacuum former, safely and efficiently. In addition, he creates plans to prevent personal injury and damage to equipment and well as what to do in case of an emergency.   

John is working hard to integrate mHUB's many product development labs to make it easy for members to complete their projects. He's excited about the diversity of experience he's already encountered at mHUB. "Any given lunch break can turn into a seminar on different aspects of product development."  

  mHUB Marketing Manager Sally Delehant Haertl

Sally Delehant Haertl

As a World Business Chicago fellow, Sally had a hand in crafting mHUB's original marketing plans, so it's wonderful to welcome her back now that our organization has gone from prototype to product. In addition to a deep understanding of our mission, Sally brings a sense of organization and enthusiasm to her role. Sally works to attract a diverse community of manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and partners to mHUB. "In addition to growing our community, I have the privilege of telling the world about the exciting innovations that come out of mHUB. I enjoy helping our members get media coverage. When they shine, mHUB shines." 

mHUB opens to the public on February 6, 2017. Book a tour to see our 63,000 square foot facility, check out our prototyping labs and meet our supportive community.