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mHUB: Inside the mHUB Community

mHUB is a community for makers, manufacturers, builders and engineers.

mHUB provides resources that support our members not only in developing their products, but also in building the business model to bring that product to commercialization. With $5M in fabrication and prototyping equipment, a network of nearly 50 mentors, technical training and classes/workshops each moth – members have access to the tools and education to help their businesses grow.

But, even with these resources in hand, we’ve found that what truly sets us apart is our community. It is one of the most valuable assets to our members.





John Doe


Community at mHUB



As people build relationships, there’s often a rich exchange of ideas, and sometimes even new businesses launched due to the serendipitous meetings. Our COO, Manas Mehandru addressed this in the video. 
There’s always someone around to provide input on a project when it’s needed. Artisanal box-maker James Gouijnstook, founder of Hopfrog Woodworks, pointed out, received help when he first joined mHUB, but he was also pleased to find that he could share his specialized knowledge to help others build their skills



Jacob Babcock has been with mHUB since its inception. In fact, his business, NuCurrent, has grown and graduated into their own offsite workspace, but they remain a part of the community. Jacob is now on our board of directors and taps into our community when he’s looking to hire contractors to support development of NuCurrent’s breakthrough wireless power solutions. The diverse talent pool at mHUB means he can find what his company needs.



It’s impressive to hear an artistic visionary like Crystal Hodges, owner Luft Studio,discuss how her business benefits from the creativity that abounds at mHUB. She’s also a frequent user of mHUB’s Mentor Program, which helps our entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls and smooth the path for product and business development. The wide range of backgrounds and dynamic minds of community members have also helped contract fabricator Jane Downer, who speaks to mHUB’s informal mentors. That is, our helpful community members who provide value for members that's unmatched in other communities.