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Meet Manas Mehandru, mHUB's Director of Operations

mHUB is pleased to introduce Manas Mehandru as our director of operations. We are not just welcoming Manas to our staff because, in a sense, we’re welcoming him back. In 2015, Manas served as a World Business Chicago (WBC) fellow. In his role at WBC, via UL (Underwriters Laboratories), he worked to further Mayor Emanuel’s Regional Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs with a focus on maintaining Chicago’s leadership in product innovation and manufacturing. As a result, Manas played a critical role in defining the strategy and business plan for what is now mHUB. 

In his new role with us, Manas will develop and oversee systems and procedures, capital plans, building plans, human resources, and other business matters. Manas has a strong background in manufacturing and regulatory issues thanks to more than a decade of experience at UL and his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering degree from Purdue University.

Manas has years of experience working with mature manufacturers and will combine that with the strategic insights and business acumen that he developed when he earned an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Manas hopes to be a conduit between the two main populations of the mHUB community: entrepreneurs and manufacturers. Says Manas, “Millennials tend to take an open-minded approach to entrepreneurship and innovation. They have excellent software skills and exude enthusiasm and creativity. They are ready to take risks. On the other hand, older, more mature manufacturers tend to be risk-averse. However, the manufacturers also tend to be more stable and patient. They have greater discipline, not to mention an incredible depth of domain-specific knowledge that can't be found elsewhere. I hope to act as a bridge between these two groups at mHUB. This will lead to the innovation and productivity we want mHUB to be known for.”

mHUB’s engaged, growing community is part of what attracted Manas to the position here. “I’m excited to have opportunities to apply both my business and manufacturing knowledge to contribute to the success of mHUB’s member businesses, and also learn from our members. We have so much tech talent and a strong manufacturing legacy in Chicago. I look forward to helping continue that legacy,” he says. Also, after years of driving out to the suburbs for work, Manas is thrilled to ride his bike to mHUB.