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Nick Stagl

HardTech Development Services, Program Manager nick@mhubchicago.com

Nick Stagl, the Hardtech Development Program Manager, plays a vital role in driving innovation through Hardtech Development Services. With his strong engineering background, Nick collaborates with mHUB's extensive network of diverse and entrepreneurial individuals to tackle the pressing challenges faced by our world today.

Before joining mHUB, Nick gained valuable experience at Bosch, where he contributed to multiple projects, including commercial diesel engine calibration and agricultural technology. However, it was mHUB's collaborative and cross-functional approach to creating groundbreaking solutions, as well as its mission to drive U.S. manufacturing, that truly attracted Nick to the team.

Nick holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is currently pursuing an MBA part-time at the prestigious Northwestern Kellogg School of Management. His passion for motorsports drives him outside of work, as he has been involved in kart racing since the age of 10 and now enjoys racing a Miata whenever an opportunity arises. This love for competition also translates into his professional life, as Nick thrives on developing new products and teams to tackle the diverse challenges that arise in our world.

Throughout his career, Nick has cultivated extensive experience in serving as a cross-functional "bridge" between teams with different skill sets, ensuring efficient and productive collaboration. Additionally, he excels in communicating the value proposition of projects to diverse stakeholders. Nick's dedication to both personal and professional growth is evident through his pursuit of an MBA, where he aims to enhance his problem-solving skills on an organizational level.

Overall, Nick Stagl's impressive background, passion for innovation, and commitment to overcoming challenges make him an invaluable asset to the mHUB team and the broader field of Hardtech Development.