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Stuart Bernstein

Chief Problem Solver, Solve For (X)

I have 25 years of sales and marketing, finance, and operations experience and I have successfully scaled two different companies.

My experience helps me challenge and vet business ideas and my financial acumen helps me build and challenge models. I'm not only capable of presenting compellingly, but also in preempting the types of questions audiences may ask.

And, I'm fun at cocktail parties.

I moved to Chicago in 2007 and when my wife and I had children here and decided we weren't leaving, we started to examine how we were contributing to the community. I know and I'm passionate about business, so I mentor founders to contribute to Chicago's economic development. And I work in the startup ecosystem so it keeps my skills sharp!


What is a financial Model?

How can sales and marketing support businesses and help scale successfully?

How can your financial acumen and ability to challenge and build models help businesses make more informed decisions?