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Patrick Donohue

President, Donohue Ventures, Inc.

Pat is a versatile business leader with 25+ years’ experience in operations management, strategy consulting, sales leadership, and product innovation across a spectrum of startups, mid-market, and Fortune 500 companies. He is passionate about collaborating with entrepreneurs and business leaders to solve business challenges and unlock potential. Since 2018, Pat has been teaching a highly rated class at mHUB called "Mastering Your Market" which explains how to use qualitative and quantitative research techniques to better understand customers and drive strategic decision making.


What is so important about deeply understanding my customers, my competitiors, and the market I want to sell into?
What are the prioritized features of my product and the relative value of each in the eyes of my customer types?
How should I frame up my customer and market research initiatives, and what should I expect to get out of this research?