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Nii Dodoo-Amoo

Principal, Solon Capital Partners

Nii is an Engineer/Physicist turned Investor with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, a PhD in Physics and an MBA in Finance & Operations. Nii has several years of experience in primary research and development mostly spent at the Cavendish Labs of the University of Cambridge largely focusing on quantum devices. This was followed by a career within the semiconductor industry in several management roles working with the likes of Intel, Samsung, IBM, TSMC on their chip manufacturing processes across the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In the current phase of Nii's career he is a Principal at a Private Equity firm that focuses on both growth and early stage investing of companies in emerging markets primarily in Africa and South Asia.


1. How to build a convincing financial model that ties in with my business model?
2. How do I approach the risk management of my company and my product
3. How to approach the research and development of my product