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Michael Smith

Founder/CEO, MP Smith Strategies, LLC

I am a lawyer with 20 years of legal experience, including senior leadership roles at several Fortune 500 companies as an in-house lawyer managing litigation, risk, compliance, regulation, supply chain/logistics and general strategic guidance to various business units. Two years ago I departed big corporate, prompted by my continued love of entrepreneurship and social impact, to start my own legal/strategy practice. My firm, MP Smith Strategies, LLC (Chicago, IL), is devoted to supporting entrepreneurs and startups (in a variety of industries) with quality general counsel and strategic guidance in all stages of their business life cycles; including early legal entity formation, contract drafting/review, regulatory/compliance guidance, fundraising, risk management, insurance considerations and intellectual property protection.


What are the regulatory issues that could impact the launch of my new product? How do I prepare for these risks?

Are there any regulatory issues that I should consider in the development/prototype phase?

Are there any strategic or regulatory considerations to consider in engaging with suppliers and supply chain partners?