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Mark Litton

Owner, Howard Medical Company

I purchased a medical distribution company called Howard Medical from my father in 2016. Our mission is to solve Chicago's healthcare supply chain challenges. I am very well versed in most aspects of the medical supply chain as it relates to disposable supplies for hospitals and have learned business leadership and managerial skills through trial and error. I can speak to the challenges and rewards of managing and growing a medical distribution company by 400% during a global pandemic.

I have been searching for a way to utilize my time, energy, and knowledge to have a positive impact on entrepreneurs from underserved communities who have not received the same opportunities as myself. I consider myself a problem solver. Whether inside my business or for my clients, I am driven to uncover the challenges and find solutions.


How do I create a roadmap to realize the vision I have for my business?

How can I more effectively establish and execute goals for myself?

How do I define my target market and implement a strategy to serve them?