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Luis Andrade

Director, Client Intelligence & Discovery

I started my career in the 80s in advertising. I worked for a couple Ad agencies in Brazil
before I started my own creative communications agency, focused on advertising,
graphic production and consulting.  I moved out of advertising and pivoted my company to the then growing
Multimedia Software business (games, educational tools and productivity applications in
CD-ROM), building a portfolio of over 20 published digital products, distributed and sold
across Brazil’s southeast region.

During that time, I expanded to website development and consulting, later becoming a
partner on a datacenter company focused on web hosting, networking and server-side
software solutions.

 I’ve led many projects, programs, products, client accounts and
P&Ls, in varying sizes and importance, all involving a healthy mix of business
administration, sales, project management, market/client research, consulting, solution
development, information architecture, UI/UX design and storytelling.

In 2005 I moved to the United States, working as a consultant in Customer Experience,
Digital Strategy and Digital Innovation for many Fortune 500 clients.
Finally, in 2009, I joined UL to help bring a culture of innovation, customer-centricity and
design-thinking to the Information Technology organization. 


Is this the right experience for my users/customers?

How do I know which features are going to make my product better received or more successful?

What is my product’s value map? How can I improve my customers journey to increase adoption, sales, revenue or satisfaction?