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Dan Waterloo

Owner, Interface Technologies

For more than 20 years, Waterloo has combined his technical skills and training with his knowledge of systematization and automation to create and grow small businesses. He began his career as a Field Engineer, and later held several positions in sales of technical instrumentation products and software. As a Reseller of Computer Aided Engineering software he developed advertising, lead generation, and systematic electronic and print communications, and created systems to organize and manage data for generating orders and revenue.  Recently, he created a direct-mail business that uses a “private cloud” to store clients’ data.  He has extensive knowledge of php software for email marketing.

Dan's main focus areas are:

  • Product development (functional assessment, manufacturability)
  • Marketing/sales (developing an approach to the market, websites, email blasts, direct mail, contacting your prospects)
  • Financial analysis (keeping things organized, product margin analysis, optimizing expenses)


How can I find a consumer for my product?

How can I identify the customer, send my product solution message to them efficiently?

How does the sales process work?