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Carlos Correia

VP and General Manager, Assets and Sustainability Performance, UL

20+ years at UL (Underwriters Laboratories), leading global businesses serving large and small companies placing innovative products in the US and global markets. I’ve led the UL transformation from traditional engineering to software and data products; and setup the Sustainability and Clean-Tech businesses. To create and scale these new businesses, I had to seek CEO and Board approval of investments, additional funds, share financials and both strategic and operations insights) Acquired and integrated 30+ companies, from very large companies to 2 people-shop. Have master the art of organic growth via sales, partnerships, and innovations, including the how to develop multiple monetization models. I also teach Project Management, both agile and waterfall, at DePaul University Graduate School of Business.


  1. How do I know if my service or product fits the market needs (including alternative markets/extensions and market trends)?
  2. How do I commercialize my business? - from client acquisition to account management, or partnerships.
  3. How do I go global? What are my options? Where do I source? What are my markets?
  4. How do I raise money effectively? What is a financial model?
  5. How do I grow my team? What are effective team building strategies? How to complement my, as a founder, skills when building a team?