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Candance Chow

Managing Director, NextGroup LLC

I am a community leader and business entrepreneur who uses my deep knowledge of strategy, organizational management and process improvement to galvanize transformation in both the public and private sectors. I currently serve as co-founder of NextGroup, a company which supports women re-entering the workplace after a career break and offers businesses access to talented professionals. I have also worked with venture backed startups as well as large nonprofit organizations to build their staffing plans, execute on key revenue and growth objectives, and innovate their product and service offerings. I combine mission, passion and a relentless commitment to getting results in everything I do. I chose to become a mentor at mHUB to support in particular women entrepreneurs in a nontraditional space, helping them to access their influence, create networks of support, and boldly pursue their vision.


How can I examine my growing business to ensure I am creating a culture and operation that reflects my values and supports diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels?

How can I access old and new networks and relationships to achieve my business and personal goals?

How can I create a platform for growth by effectively creating a unique point of difference both for my company and for me as an entrepreneur?