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Briana Yesilli

Attorney, Cooley

I am a corporate attorney and member of Cooley's Emerging Company practice group. My practice focuses on early-stage, high growth companies in matters related to business structuring, corporate formation, venture capital financing, and intellectual property protection. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs throughout my career and I am constantly intrigued by the excitement and energy of new founders building companies. I love being a part of that process and helping to grow and shape big ideas into viable businesses.

Briana's focus areas are:

Legal:  business structuring, corporate formation, incentive equity, intellectual property protection

Fundraising: Venture capital financing (series seed and beyond), convertible debt financing


What are the legal diligence items that I need to make sure are in order before raising a round of financing from venture capital investors?

What are the legal steps involved in raising a venture capital round of financing, and what happens to my equity?

What is the difference between a SAFE note, convertible note, warrants, and a priced equity round?