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Ventilator Solution

In response to challenges faced by the medical community, Influit Energy, Cornerstone Research Group, Johnson Controls and mHUB have collaborated to design and develop a full featured open source ventilator that is low-cost, easy to assemble and uses readily available components. A modular solenoid-based design was developed with consistent feedback from physicians at the University of Chicago Medical center, Northwestern medical hospital and several other medical providers. The design includes many of the features available on standard ventilators while also incorporating a simple user interface that healthcare professionals can easily understand. 

We are now in the process of refining and characterizing our functional prototype and are seeking funding. With that funding we will build several of these ventilators to prove out the modularity, the dynamic vertical supply chains, and its ability to be rapidly deployed. 

As part of our Open Source model for rapid deployment, we intend to distribute all relevant plans and instructions, license free, to enable anyone the ability to manufacture to meet their immediate local demand in this pandemic.