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RFP: Catalyze Initiative Small Business Development Partner in Product and Manufacturing Innovation

About Request For Proposal

mHUB seeks proposals for a technical assistance program partner for Black and Latino physical product based/manufacturing businesses located on the South or West Side of the City in neighborhoods hit hardest by COVID-19. 

mHUB is an innovation center and co-working space for HardTech startups, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, investors, and industry leaders.  

It is the intent of mHUB to select a partner on the basis of your responses to the enclosed Request for Proposal and subsequent interviews on December 28, 2022.  

Included in this Request for Proposal are the following documents:  

  • Exhibit A – mHUB Organization Background  
  • Exhibit B – RFP Schedule of Events  
  • Exhibit C – General Project Information  
  • Exhibit D – Proposal Guidelines  
  • Exhibit E – Scope of Services  
  • Exhibit F – Budget Template  
  • Exhibit G – Estimate Project Timeline  

Please review the enclosed information and send one (1) electronic copy of your Proposal to team@mHUBChicago.com no later than Friday, December 16th at 11:59 p.m. CDT. We respectfully request your proposal follow the guidelines as outlined in the enclosed documents. Should you have any questions regarding this Request for Proposal, please contact Shannon McGhee at Shannon@mHUBChicago.com or book 30 minutes with her via this link 


Shannon Signature

Shannon McGhee  

Director of Community Impact and Engagement  


View Full RFP Here


Questions and Answers 

Will be updated on a rolling basis based on questions asked in office hours and with any additional information shared.