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Navigating a Rapidly Changing and Connected World

We know that mHUB is creating waves, but we didn't realize the ripples of those waves would spread so far so fast. Beth Comstock, the vice chair of GE, gave mHUB a shout-out at SXSW during a discussion with Steve Case, co-founder of AOL, CEO of Revolution and author of The Third Wave. Moderated by WIRED editor-at-large, Jason Tenz , their discussion focused on the changes we're likely to see as technology revolutionizes major sectors like manufacturing. As part of the team that brought GE's Fuse, an open-source engineering team that connects with entrepreneurs and suppliers, to mHUB it's no surprise that Comstock is a fan. But it was still a thrill hearing her explain how the Fuse team uses mHUB's resources to create and test prototypes.