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Bill Fienup at Nation of Makers Event

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) recognizes that making is a gateway to STEM learning as well as inventing and creating new ways to apply technology.  Making creates businesses, jobs and an economic boost. The Obama White House hosted several Maker Faires and established the National Week of Making to build national enthusiasm for making. mHUB’s founder and managing director, Bill Fienup, recently returned from Washington, DC after the latest Nation of Makers initiative, a meeting with leading makerspace managers from around the United States.


The day-long event meeting included remarks from government officials including Tom Kalil, the OSTP deputy director, Andrew Coy, senior advisor for making, Megan Smith, the United States Chief Technology Officer and other government officials.

Makerspace managers from more than 168 makerspaces shared insights and best practices on topics from working with the government to training and supporting members and creating equitable, inclusive communities.

Bill co-facilitated with Vikrum Aiyer USPTO Chief of Staff on Intellectual Property (IP). True to the nature of makers the event was more than just a series of conversations. As a result of Bill's session mHUB will create an online resources of IP best practices and resources for maker-entrepreneurs. Other workshop leaders will follow suit on their chosen topics.

Bill also attended several breakout workshops through which he learned more about grant opportunities, on boarding and training new members, insuring a makerspace and best practices for low-cost marketing.

"It was a honor to be a part of this event. I received great information that will strengthen the mHUB community and I’m excited to follow up with contributions to support the larger nationwide makerspace ecosystem. The connections I made were invaluable. I left Washington with a new sense of support from the government and my peers,” said Bill.