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Alina Pitman

COO & Head of Consulting, Ballistix

I am a seasoned senior executive, advisor, and investor who has demonstrated the ability to engineer organizations for growth. As a Partner & Director of Engagements at global consultancy, Ballistix (ballistix.com), I lead strategy and a team of sales process engineering consultants implementing a division of labor across the sales and operations functions.

I have a deep understanding of sales and customer service/success environments and processes, having overseen more than 150 Ballistix implementations for clients selling directly and/or indirectly through channel partners in manufacturing, industrial distribution, technology, and service verticals for organizations in start-up to $6B. I have a proven track record of (re)designing, building, and growing inside and outside sales teams, streamlining and improving customer service and customer success team functions, strategy and optimization, and process improvement and performance. Over my career, I have earned a reputation for my commitment to helping organizations and people identify, implement, and accomplish goals. I would love to share my expertise with the next generation of innovators!


How do you engineer your organization for aggressive growth?

How do you generate sales opportunities at scale?

How do you build a sales environment where salespeople are actually selling?