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mHUB 2022 Investor Report

Return of the CleanTech Revolution to Full Speed

As the world emerges into a “new normal,” attention has been captured by society’s more fragile conditions for stronger resiliency. In the hopes of mitigating future global upheavals and humanitarian strains, industries, investors, and governments are refocusing. One area where this is unfolding visibly is with climate and clean energy. The post-pandemic lens has refocused on recession-resistant investments. Specifically, on the favorable conditions for clean energy adoption to meet carbon reduction goals that, so far, have continued to be punted. Just how has the picture changed to make this possible? What’s different today than two decades ago when money poured into the first ClimateTech boom?

This 16-page Investor Report outlines where areas of market opportunity exist and what still needs to happen to effectively commercialize new technologies. It covers where VC investment has grown fastest, sectors ripe for disruption, and a look at mHUB member fundraising

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