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Quinn Campbell

Design and Fabrication Specialist

Quinn Campbell, design and fabrication specialist, is a shop sherpa of mHUB. Quinn’s job is to advise members on their product ideas, methods of fabrication and production solutions to bring their products to market, all while constantly enhancing & expanding mHUB’s fabrication shop in safety, training, organization, ease of use and capabilities. Lab’s & Resources that Quinn directly oversees are CNC, Cold Metals, Plastics, CADD, & Finishing.

Prior to working for mHUB, Quinn was a Senior Technical Designer at Illumivation Studios Chicago, an OOH marketing firm. With experience ranging from Freelancer to Senior Technical Designer Quinn has worked a variety of roles and responsibilities across a gamut of industries ranging from marketing to fabrication shops.

Quinn has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Appalachian State North Carolina and is an Eagle Scout.