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Sinan Hao

Principal Engineering Manager, FITNESS CUBED

I've been helping my employers developing consumer products from concept to production throughout my career, covering from supplier selection and management, to product development and quality assurance. Being a Chinese immigrant, I usually act as the communication bridge between the US businesses and Chinese suppliers, and often the first response person in my team when something goes wrong at the factories. As a side project, I'm currently partnering up with a consultant team in China which specializes in sourcing, product development, production engineering, and quality assurance. After connecting more with various startup founders, I realized I could benefit more people by sharing my expertise and experience


Which supplier should I use to make my products?
How to control the quality at the Chinese supplier? How to manage communications and results between the US and Chinese factories?
I have an idea or a working prototype, how can I develop that idea or take the working concept to production?