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Michael Kyle

Patent Attorney, Cook Alex Ltd.

As a patent attorney, I work closely with engineers and innovators to identify and protect intellectual property, and avoid potential issues with others' intellectual property. With a background in mechanical engineering, much of my practice involves working with clients, large and small, in the manufacturing space, across a wide range of technologies including automotive, construction, agriculture, medical appliances, toys, packaging, retail equipment, automation, and personal protective equipment. I also counsel clients on intellectual property strategies and have developed and delivered IP trainings for engineers. Costs for obtaining intellectual property and working with an IP attorney can be prohibitive to an early stage innovator. Costs for delaying or avoiding IP considerations can be prohibitive as well. 


Do I need to take any precautions before pitching my product?

What can I do if someone has a patent similar to my product?

Should I file a patent application...why or why not?