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Harold Alexander

CEO, Smyrna

Harold Alexander attended DeVry Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia where he majored in Electronic Engineering Technology. Later, he worked at Albany International where he was a field service engineer, installing and repairing rapid roll doors for some of the largest companies in America. This includes Anheuser Busch, Campbell Foods, and GM to name a few.

A few years later Harold branched off on his on and started Alexander Software, Inc. where he continued networking doctor offices, and started writing software applications for these offices. This led to Alexander Software’s first written application called Doc Orders which was a medical scheduling software application that allow doctor offices to keep track of patients records and schedule via the cloud. It was one of the first purely cloud medical application on the market that still being used to this day. In almost 16 years Alexander Software, inc. generated in excess of over 2 million dollars in total revenue.

In 2017 Harold Alexander started on his 20 year dream of creating a social media application that collects all undiscovered artists and places them in one spot so they can be easily found. This application is called Underground App. Underground App is the world’s first social media site that connects fans with undiscovered artists using machine learning. After doing 100% of the development for 3 years Harold launched Underground App in its beta version on December 5, 2020 with it official launch in March 2021.

As a long time software engineer and entrepreneur, Alexander is excited to lend his expertise to the aid of other entrepreneurs through engagement and mentorship.


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