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Barbara Goff

Director of Human Resources, Vail Systems

Strategic executive-level leader with record of achievement working with entrepreneurs to design and develop scalable Human Resources operations. Build company infrastructure and execute programs to meet expansionary goals. Evaluate new investments and offer insights related to business-critical global initiatives. Build culture of performance and focus on talent acquisition and complete transformations and transactions that provide sustainability for future. Serve as valuable resource to all constituents. 

Industries served include: engineering, manufacturing, high-tech, finance, insurance, services, research, health care, and non-profit.

Focus areas:

  • Building company infrastructures that are positioned for growth;
  • Evaluating new investments and offering insights related to business-critical global initiatives;
  • and building/transforming a sustainable company culture that boosts performance and high-quality talent acquisition.


How do I build a flexible but scalable HR function?

How do I define my company's culture and management style?

Where do I start with hiring, retaining and developing my initial employees?