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Pitch to Sell: How to optimize your VOICE to win your next pitch

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Part of being a great entrepreneur is being a great communicator, and we'll help you master the art of communication so that your businesses can flourish and grow.

You've got the right words for your pitch, but how are you delivering those words? Are you emphasizing and inflecting the right way? Most importantly, are you leveraging the actual *sound* of your speaking voice to maximize your results?

Voice Analysis can predict – with 70-80% accuracy (!!!) – whether or not a startup will be funded and how much funding they’ll receive. 


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You will leave the workshop with:

  1. The Facts: Learn how your voice affects investors' decisions and how to use that to your advantage
  2. The Exercises: Specific techniques to give you complete control over your voice
  3. The Results: How to flip your pitch delivery from flat and uninspiring to authentic, charismatic, and powerful

You'll learn what vocal qualities will give you a leg up in your pitch game, and walk away with vocal exercises and specific techniques!

This workshop WILL be interactive! We recommend being in a space where you can be free to be a little silly and noisy.

*Attendance in person is preferred, but possible on-line. *


Margaret Izard Oskoui is an expert in vocal sound making who discovered her passion for helping people learn their voices over a decade ago. Margaret realized that facilitating people’s vocal journeys to find their voices and learn how to communicate was her true calling. Her dream is to create equity through the human voice.





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Date and Time

06/01/23 @ 1:00 PM

06/01/23 @ 1:00 PM


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