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Whether you’re looking for something educational or fun, mHUB produces events and classes that inform and inspire.

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Mastering Business Innovation: Designing Winning Strategies with the Business Model Canvas

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The business model workshop follows the customer value proposition workshops. Based on your value proposition, Thierry Van Landegem, Executive Director of mHUB’s Accelerator, will share a framework to show how a company can provide value and make money. The framework covers market and customers, product and infrastructure, and, associated cost structures and revenue streams. We will run a few exercises to build possible business models for your business and review the mechanics to select the best model.


Please come prepared with your Value Proposition resulting from the " Customer Development / Value Proposition" workshops – no worries if you haven’t followed these workshops, we can provide the framework that you can fill out.

You will leave the workshop with:

  • A Business Model for your business.
  • A framework to determine what your cost structure and your revenue streams can be.

*Attendance in person is preferred, but possible on-line. *




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Date and Time

04/25/23 @ 2:00 PM

04/25/23 @ 2:00 PM


Business Viability, Curriculum, Discovery


mHUB Accelerator Demo Days

mHUB hosts Demo Day & Product Showcase events that welcomes industry partners, investors, and community collaborators to come meet with startups in the mHUB Accelerator who are developing hardtech focused for the medtech, climate & energy tech, and smart and sustainable manufacturing sectors. 

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Women in Manufacturing

mHUB hosts an annual Women in Manufacturing & Engineering Day event, which is an in-person event that convenes hundreds of change-makers from across the region. At this event on December 6th, startups, entrepreneurs, and industry come together to celebrate women in hardtech industries. The event features networking opportunities, insights from industry experts, and an interactive activity to close out the program.

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mHUB HardTech Summit

The annual HardTech Summit & Product Showcase opens mHUB's doors to the public to show how mHUB is leveraging its hardtech innovation programs to be a national leader in advanced manufacturing, medical technology, and climate and energy solutions, all while building the most equitable, diverse, and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

2024 Details TBA

2023 Recap


Annual Fourth Revolution Awards

The Fourth Revolution Awards celebrates regional manufacturing and hardtech entrepreneurs for their leadership and innovation as the industry stands on the brink of a new technological revolution.

2024 Details TBA



Resources Tailored to Your Unique Startup Roadmap

All classes and events are available to the public. Curriculum courses are tied to a specific track and stage of development, making connections to tools in the mHUB ecosystem to ensure members are maximizing the right resources at the right time.

To unlock auxiliary resources and pair learnings with hands-on guidance and tools, explore membership or Catalyze programs.

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