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Funding Fridays: How to Succeed at Crowdfunding

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Fundraising is often one of the most pressing and pivotal concerns among startups looking to fund their product development and other parts of the business life cycle. This webinar led by Ilan Cohen will discuss when crowdfunding is the correct strategy for either GTM or prelaunch. It will also cover PR, digital marketing, product positioning. Q&A included.

Please bring:

  • Laptops/ Pen and Paper

You'll learn:

  • Understand the correct strategy to fundraise for either Go to Market or prelaunch using crowdfunding.
  • Overview of PR, digital marketing, product positioning, and choosing the right crowdfunding platform 

    Attendance in person is preferred, but possible on-line.

    Instructor Information:

    Ilan Cohen

    Consultant, Loudog Consulting

    Ilan Cohen was Dealmaker's head of partnerships, Indiegogo's head of Business Development and Enterprise Sales, and is now a private consultant. He is sales, strategy and product launch consultant with expertise in leading fast-growth sales teams including implementation of operations and systems to support growth, as well as managing cross-functional teams to develop and bring to market new products and partnerships. Skilled in Sales, Business Development, Management, Crowdfunding, Startups, Capital Markets and the companies he's advised have raised over $100M in crowdfunded dollars.


    mHUB's Classroom


    Hybrid Get Directions

    Date and Time

    05/12/23 @ 2:00 PM

    05/12/23 @ 2:00 PM


    Business Viability, Curriculum, Discovery


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