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Marketing Intern (Fall 2022)

Zenblen is looking for a creative, passionate, and entrepreneurial marketing intern to join their team on a part-time basis this Fall 2022.

As a marketing intern, you will collaborate in all stages of their marketing efforts, from social media, to marketing strategy, to data analysis. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to help shape the pilot launch of their smoothie kiosk, where you will work hand-in-hand with the Zenblen team to bring a brand-new smoothie experience to Chicago!

This is an opportunity to join an early-stage, venture backed startup and have a major impact on the venture. In this close-knit team environment, you will have ownership in valuable workstreams, while still receiving mentorship from our experienced team. Furthermore, this internship will open a vast professional network in the Chicago tech community and provide you with knowledge of startup acumen. Many of our previous interns have since joined other startups or even start their own!

Interested candidates should send a resume and any questions to

What is Zenblen looking for?
• Someone looking for an opportunity to make an impact and take ownership of their work
• Great communication skills and ability to think strategically
• A high level of creative execution and artistic design
• An affinity, basic understanding and interest in online communication channels like social media, customer review sites, etc.
• A desire to work in a fast-paced startup environment
• An excellent work ethic and “get things done” attitude
• A love for nutrition, wellness, and healthy living – extra points for being a smoothie person!

Relevant experiences
• Photography and/or visual design
• Managing social media campaigns
• Consumer food & beverage branding
• Prior entrepreneurial endeavors

About Zenblen:
Zenblen offers freshly blended smoothies via a tech-enabled smoothie bar. Our smoothie kiosk dispenses and blends ingredients right in front of the consumer, fresh to order. This machine encompasses various subsystems (cup handling, ingredient dispensing, refrigeration, blending, etc.) that integrate for a seamless customer experience.
Zenblen strives to make healthy food easily available to busy people, because we believe how you fuel your body has a tremendous impact on all aspects of your life.

About their culture:
Zenblen is a high-paced, high-momentum startup that recently graduated from Chicago Booth’s New Venture Challenge, one of the top-ranked accelerators in the nation, and are backed by key investors & advisors in the industry! At Zenblen, we pride ourselves on the strong culture we’ve built. We prioritize feedback, and count on one another for complete honesty. We challenge each other, and this has brought growth and opportunity. We are all driven by the impact we can make in the company, to each other, and for our customers while always acting with honesty and integrity. We are all motivated to do the best we can and produce the highest achieving results possible, while also taking the time to truly get to know each other and laugh with one another. We hold ourselves to high expectations, but know the importance of slowing down to enjoy the happy moments of being a close-knit team who love to drink smoothies together!

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