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Prototype Engineer

Position: Prototype Engineer

About iMagine-it-Tech
From Low-Tech to High-Tech!......It’s iMagine-it-Tech! The service provider for new product development. iMagine-it-Tech provides many services, including but not limited to Computer Aided Design (CAD), Patent Drawings, Photo-Realistic Rendering, and Physical Prototyping.

Job Description
iMagine-it-Tech is looking for a Prototype Engineer to join our team! The Prototype Engineer will:

  • Use computer aided design (CAD) software SolidWorks to create prototypes
  • Designing, building, and test new prototypes
  • Developing and implement new design concepts by creating models or mockups of
  • Determining the materials needed for prototypes, such as plastic, metal, wood or other
  • Communicating with engineers and other team members to coordinate projects
  • Maintaining accurate records of work activities and results
  • Perform maintenance and repair of 3D Printers and prototyping equipment.

Candidate must be completing or has completed their degree Bachelor of Science in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering.

To apply: email